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2017 Summer Series 6:00 pm
Mike Dyer, Last month

June 18 - Brad McFaul- “What about music in the church?” June 25 - Randy Duke- “What about marriage and divorce?” July 2 - John Anderson- “What about abortion?” July 9 - Will Hanstein - “What about entertainment?” July 23 -Dan Gulley- “What about social drinking?” July 30 -Stan Stevenson- “What about the role of women?”...

I Don't Want You To Join My Church
Mike Dyer, 4 months ago

We run into people on a more or less frequent basis that are looking for a church. Many times you will hear people who are undergoing this process say things like, “How do I know which church to join,” and “How do I choose the right church?” It is well understood that these individuals are looking to be a part of a particular church but they just...

Why Declare Membership At A Local Congregation?
Mike Dyer, Last year

The question centers on whether or not it is necessary to be identified as a member of a local congregation. The Bible doesn’t have a process whereby one may “join” the church such as are followed in the denominational world. However, the Bible does authorize individual Christians to be members of local congregations (1 Corinthians 12:27). So there...

Message From Our Preacher
Jeremiah Tatum, Last year

The Willow Avenue church is a family of Christians who love God and His word. We love all people and we are especially thankful for our relationships within our spiritual family. It is our desire to follow the teachings of Scripture, and to be a friendly, welcoming congregation of God’s people. We desire to grow closer to God each day, and to...

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If you are searching for a church home, we would like for you to know that there is a special place for you at Willow Avenue. We strive to be a group of friendly, loving servants who are dedicated to bringing others to Christ.

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