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The Willow Avenue church is a family of Christians who love God and His word. We love all people and we are especially thankful for our relationships within our spiritual family. It is our desire to follow the teachings of Scripture, and to be a friendly, welcoming congregation of God’s people. We desire to grow closer to God each day, and to provide individuals and families with the tools they need to grow spiritually. While we strive to live in service to God here on earth, our ultimate goal is heaven. We are preparing every adult and raising every child to be ready for eternity.

We hope that everyone who visits knows that we love them. We are interested in each and every person, and we want them to be a part of our family. We are not perfect, we sin daily and we are thankful for God’s grace each day. But we know that God is perfect. Jesus, the Son, is perfect and His death, burial and resurrection was perfect. The Holy Spirit is perfect and He has given us the Bible which is God’s complete and perfect will for our lives.

We want to be the church that Jesus promised to build and did build on Pentecost. We desire to teach the complete and full truth of the Bible. We are striving for unity in Christ. We aim to worship God according to His word. We want every soul to know and obey the plan of salvation as it is given to us in the Scriptures. We desire a daily walk with Christ. We want to bear one another’s burdens. We hope to provide for others physically and spiritually according to the provisions that God has given us. We want to glorify God in everything we say and do.

Come to Willow Avenue and worship with us! We hope that you will find a group of people who truly love God and one another. You are always welcome. We hope we can be a blessing to you and we are confident you will be a blessing to us!
Jeff Gaw
Larry Harp
John Hudson
Dan Huffines
Gary Risley
Reed Wilson
Barry Allison
In Home Member Assistance
Ralph Bryant
Congregational Fellowship
Tom Bumbalough
Emergency Response
Mark Caldwell
Charles Cobb
Assembly Assignments
Dennis Hood
Education (College thru Adult)/Web Site
Todd Hudson
Family Wellness
Buddy King
David Lancaster
Furniture Benevolence
Phil Philips
Membership Involvement
Paul Pippin
Widows & Shut-ins
Steve Qualls
Denny Richardson
Benevolence/Willow Meals
Tim Richardson
David Ray Smith
Ladies' Ministry/GoldenAires/VBS
Ryan Smith
Education (7th thru High School)
Tom Stafford
Youth Group
Glenn Stockton
Don West
Grounds/Storage Buildings
Richard Wood
Family Finances/Church Insurance
Jeremiah Tatum
Pulpit Minister
Chase Fletcher
Youth Minister
Clarence DeLoach
Associate Minister
Vickie Stockton
Cathy Whiteaker